Depression due to Internet Addiction: Symptoms, effects.

Internet addiction is a common phenomenon that you find in today’s life. Most of the people cut themselves out of the real life and find themselves occupied in the virtual world. They lose the joy of social interactions and find happiness in the virtual interactions.

Social networking sites have become one of the biggest addictions among the youth today. Most of the people hardly sleep at night. The Internet addicts mainly surf the net during the night times.
They lose touch with the reality and get into a virtual world full of delusions.

Some of the effects of Internet addiction for the cause of depression can be outlined in the following way:


One of the major effects of Internet addiction is insomnia. Internet addicts hardly sleep, they remain awake all the time. They lose the habit of sleeping altogether.


Internet addiction can make a person restless altogether. They are never at peace and find themselves frustrated all the time.

Pornography :

Internet is a hub for the porn sites. Most of the teens get addicted to watching pornography. It spoils the natural habits and thinking pattern in the teenagers, making them susceptible to depression.

Online games and communities:

Besides this, some people can get addicted to playing games online or even social networking sites and communities. People come out with fake profiles and develop fake relations creating more trouble in their lives.

Internet can have the highest psychological effect on a person. These addictions can make a person succumb to depression. People having an Internet addiction need medical help and support of the family members to get out of it.

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