Depression after Menopause: Reasons,symptoms.

What happens to a Woman during the time of Menopause?
Menopause is something which every woman experiences, in the latter part of their life. It can be the time for blues in certain woman. There are innumerable changes that can happen in the body of a woman when she gets to the stage of menopause.

Menopause carries with itself many symptoms that can take a toll on the life of a woman. And all these things combined together can make a woman succumb to depression.

In a study, it was said that around 8 to 15% of women experiencing menopause can succumb to depression. The symptoms of a menopause depression can be experienced more likely during the phase of peri menopause which leads to the menopause.

Factors for the cause of depression due to menopause:

    • Stress related factors:

There are many theories being stated on the conditions for depression during menopause. Some of them suggest that the stress experienced during the menopause period can be one of the main factors in most of the woman succumbing to depression.

    • Hormonal imbalances:

There is another theory that states that the hormonal imbalances can be the cause for the depression in a woman. During the time of menopause the levels of hormones such as estrogen, androgen and progesterone drop drastically.

The drop in the levels of these hormones affect the normal bodily functions that are carried out everyday. The sudden change in the pattern of functioning in the body, may cause mood swings in woman, leading to depression.

They can swing from the feelings of sadness to the feelings of hopelessness. They end up finally in a depression caused due to menopause. Proper medical help given at the time of menopause can work successfully in overcoming the depression.

These are some of the reasons for the depression caused due to menopause.

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