Abortion Depression: After effects, symptoms.

Does having an abortion lead to depression? What can be the side effects of having an abortion? Let’s look into the details of various symptoms that can be developed by having an abortion.

In a survey conducted about the after effects of having an abortion, it was concluded that 44% of the woman complained of the nervous disorders. 36% of the woman complained of having a disturbed sleep patterns. 31% of the woman regretted of having an abortion and 11% of the woman were prescribed psychotropic drugs by their doctors.

It also came out that 25% of aborted woman made frequent visits to a psychiatrist comparatively to the 3% who visited a control group.

Abortion can be a traumatic event in a woman’s life. Sometimes they get into an abortion forcibly against their will by their husbands, boyfriends or family. Abortion can carry the feelings of guilt, pain, anxiety and fear along with it.

Some of the after effect of an abortion can outlined as follows:


Around thirty to fifty percent of women having had an abortion reported of sexual dysfunctions.most of them experienced a loss of pleasure during the intercourse or showed an increase amount of pain. They started developing aversion towards males and sex, or even had a tendency of developing a promiscuous life style.


A near of about 60% of the women who have had an abortion report of developing suicidal tendencies with an 28% of them actually attempting one.


Getting an abortion done women have had a significant increase in the alcohol consumption taken. Abortion followed by the alcohol intake has had higher risk of developing an isolation, violent behaviours or even can lead to a divorce.

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  1. I am always against abortion because it is a sin to kill an innocent child…,

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