Catatonic Depression| Treatments,Facts

Catatonic depression is a form of major depression. It is mainly categorised when the motor functions of the body cannot be carried out easily. In fact even the most simplest of the bodily movements cannot be carried out.

It mainly affects the muscular movements of the body or the tone. A person affected with catatonic depression may find it hard to make even a simple move. They experience immense amount of psychological pain when trying to make a simple move.

And sometimes the catatonic depression can even get hyper when the patient performs irregular and continuous body movements for no apparent reason.

This can be the result of various negative habits and thinking pattern they have developed. Those negative cycles cause the patient to have delusions about everything. One of the ways of treating the patients suffering from catatonic depression is cognitive therapy. Most of negative behavioural cycles can be eliminated by proper conditioning of the mind.


In cognitive therapy all the negative attitudes of the mind and perceptions can be changed slowly. Cognitive therapy can give a person a positive attitude about life, relations and the world around him.

Some of the other ways of treating catatonic depression are:


Light therapy is slowly emerging out to be an effective cure for depression. As most of the depressive symptoms can be curtailed to a large extent when exposed to the ultra violet rays.


Acupressure can be an as effective treatment for depression as medication.

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  2. if some one is suffering from catatonic depression…can he make faces, screams, takes out noises, shows teeth or laugh loudly as well??

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