Depression in College Women.

College time can be the most vulnerable time in the life of a women. The stress of studying, of making good grades can add to the toll of depressed women in college.

According to a recent national college health survey that was conducted by it was noted that 10% of the college students were diagnosed with depression and including 13% of college women.

The anxiety levels in a college life can be very high, which can be the main cause of depression. The hectic schedules in a college life can often leave the students restless. Women as five times as likely to experience anxiety disorders than men.

Eating disorders are most likely to affect the women in college. The uneven eating habits that can lead to obesity is prone to woman in college. The work schedules in these times have increased gradually compared to the older times. People wanted to succeed at any cost.

Some of the ways in dealing with depression in college can be outlined as follows:

Seek Help:

when the work is getting at you, and you are not able to deal that yourself. The wisest thing to do is to seek help. Ask for help from your counsellor or any elder who can provide with the necessary guidance at the time of trouble.

Organise your work:

confusion can lead to depression, organise your work carefully and execute it. Don’t do all things at a time. The best method of doing work is to do one step at a time.

Relax from time to time:

take some time off more often than not. Let go of all the thoughts about work, college, studies and assignments and take time out. Go for a walk or a movie and just relax.

Read motivational books:

grab a book that can give you the necessary motivation. Whenever you are feeling low, pass through the pages and find your words of courage and get yourself back on track.

Proper organisation can help us in overcoming any from of depression. Follow the necessary steps and pave your path out of depression.

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