Post Marriage Depression: Reasons, Setbacks

Post marital depression is seen in one among ten spouses, the reasons for the attack of the depression could be many. For a woman, marriage forms the most important aspect in their life, right from adolescent state.

The dream for a perfect marriage never leaves from their minds. When they have this inclination right from the early teens harbouring, dreaming about it day to day. And when the D day of the marriage arrives forming the marriage a one day event, all the dreams they harboured are suddenly over. That can be the main aspect resulting in a depression.

Some of the other aspects for the formation of a post marriage depression can be outlined in the following way:


A marriage can cost us a big buck. Most of the people borrow money in the view of a perfect marriage not compromising on the costs. But , once the marriage gets over they feel the blues.

As the debts have to be cleared and also the couple start living together. There might be a cost involved in buying the furniture, home kettles and other requirements. Which can lead to a cost deficiency in the early stages of marriage. This can be the main cause which leads to a post marital depression.


the planning of a marriage including all the arrangements can take a long time, which causes lot of strain.
The physical levels of stress of taking care all the arrangements of the marriage can lead to exhaustion. Which might show its effects after marriage.

A post marital depression can cause lot of misunderstanding and turmoil among couples in the early stages of marriage but with patience and some organised thinking one can certain beat the blues of a post marital depression.

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  1. i agree for wat you post.. all of that are correct but, can you give additional idea so that we can finish our reseach paper about early marrige.. can you email the additional ideas to my address.. tnx!

  2. usally it stems from being married to an a$$hole. You had no idea that they would be so difficult to get along with. My husband is the biggest jerk in the world!

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