Depression and Weight Gain



weight gain

can be imagined as two points on vicious cycle. That is one leads to another and the latter leads to the former. The cycle begins at the point of depression. Any external input can trigger depression in you which leads to over eating. Over eating leads to weight gain and weight gain cumulatively increases depression as the obese person has poor self image. Read on to how to break this vicious cycle and by curing both at a time.

Physical Conditions that Contribute to Depression and Weight Gain:

Stress, insomnia and seasonal affective disorder are the conditions related to weight gain and depression.


Stress effects both body and mind. When the stress hormones rises to an unhealthy levels, there is a mode of “fight and flight” in the body. This increases appetite and results in weight gain. There is anxiety that goes parallel to the stress causing depression in the person.


Inability to sleep can be a result of over eating or weight gain and a cause for depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder:

Seasonal changes brings lethargy and cause over eating and hence weight gain. Depression comes from the hormonal changes that takes place in the body due to seasonal changes.

Few Tips to Solve:

  • Exercise:

    Exercise helps fight both weight gain and depression. Make a regular plan to take exercise and see the results.

  • Observe fasting

    so that it helps you both physically and mentally.

  • Talk to your doctor before taking medications for depression. See that weight gain is not one of the side effects of any medicine that you use.
  • Socialize with your family and friends and try to get out of depression.
  • Make plans to get enough sleep.
  • Try relaxation techniques as retreat for your mind
  • Check out your diet requirements with nutritionist and make a plan to eat healthy and well balanced food.
  • As depression and weight gain both are chronic diseases and need a long term treatment, have patience till it gets cured completely.

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