Job Loss Depression – How to Overcome Job Loss Depression

Job loss depression

can be better explained by a person like me who had this experience many-a-times in life. Though Iam a women I could know the pinch when one is thrown out of the job. Iam sure men might have more intense feelings. But let us take for granted that job loss blows both men and women equally, leaving aside the gender considerations.


Job loss is actually

more than just a loss.

It has chain of negative events related to it, better call it cascade of misadventures. It is obviously followed by

financial crisis.

This brings worries and the body shows up all the symptoms. You need to pay this with both health and money. Again a cascade of misfortune. Then


wait for their turn of misfortune. Many so-called loved ones desert and there is pressure mounting on the emotions. Overall the situation is pathetic and, if not, very heartrending than it is described above.

But there is something that you can do about it. This phase of life you can take it as a blessing to learn the art of living.

Here are a few tips

that I feel may help you to overcome the pangs.

You are not the Only One:

Just look around. There are many who are not in jobs and are in the same shoes as you are in. This of course you might have known and thought “So are many in Jobs!?” Actually the main intention to look behind is to get realization that there is life in that zone as well. It is not pessimistic lethargy but an optimistic acceptance. The effect is that you accept the things without worrying on the situation. So accept that you are not alone and there is no need to be over anxious about it. This analysis dissipates worry and draws an optimistic concern towards the problem.

Now be Realistic:

When you clearly draw line between worry and concern, you will be realistic. Be realistic and think why have you lost you job? Make a list of drawbacks in you. Try to improve the skills you are lacking and learn in the spirit of learning and mastering. Now that you are without job and it is the perfect time to get a higher training for a higher job.

Monetary Management:

Now you are in a stage of stagnation. Mens you have to manage the monetary resources. Plan with family members. Cut short the expenses. Avoid gambling and luck games that play with your money.

Emotional Gear Up:

Speak out all that you have in your heart to an intimate friend or trustworthy counselor. This will make you stand on the ground. Emotional strength is must in this situation.

Do not Neglect Health:

Health is wealth, if not more than wealth. Take proper care of your body and nutrition. Eat healthy and think better. Try to limit smoking and give up the intake of alcohol and caffeine. They not only spoil your health but also handicap your ability to think and act. Moreover they also bore hole in your pocket.

Keep Trying for Jobs:

Needless to write…Keep trying for jobs. See every opportunity and do not leave any stone unturned. Make a regular schedule. Seeing your sincerity there will be a better job waiting for you..Just for you. And pretty soon you find yourself in back in job or a better job.

All The Best!

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