Retirement Depression – How to Overcome Retirement Depression

What is Retirement Depression:

Retirement causes depression for two reasons: 1) Old age and 2) Plenty of time and nothing to do.

Now-a-days people are becoming workaholic. They busy themselves in various activities that centers around money, name, fame…’Career’ in crisp. For those who made their career as whole and sole, the day without all these brings pangs of separation leading to depression.

Retired people

just do not know how to keep themselves busy and what to do for the whole day. They feel as if they are sinking in a bottomless pit. As a result their sadness grows to depression and irritability. They have negative attitude towards life and have neglectful and aimless living.


So this is a serious problem and need to be addressed for well being of all esteemed senior citizens who have dedicated their lives for society.

This article gives

some tips and suggestions

to prevent and overcome depression after retirement:

Become Godly:

Retirement is the ideal time to take a step towards godly life. You have spent almost two-third of life in the activities that are related to mind and body. Now it is the time to reflect on the spiritual identity of your existence, in other words your soul. It is the time to ponder on God and your relationship with God. Just analyze and realize how God has helped you in your life. Start feeling grateful for all the gifts bestowed by God upon you. It is proven that those who take up Godly way of life live happier and longer than compared to those who are not Godly. Read religious books such as

Bible, Quran


Bhagavad Gita.

Preach the gospels of Lord by practicing them. In this way you can live a meaningful life dedicated to a Supreme cause.


Take up Hobbies:

Taking up hobbies can be a good way to allay depression. Some of the hobbies that you can think are: painting, reading, writing articles or poems, gardening, music, swimming etc. They can add value to your time. This you can dovetail for the well-being of your family and society.


Traveling to places of interest can fill your life with enthusiasm, provided you are healthy enough to travel. Never risk your health for recreation. One of the best travel is travel to religious places or Holy places. As you have time you can spend extra time in those places and plan to get good realizations in the presence of Holy people.

Share Your Knowledge:

Go back to schools and universities and take classes designed for seniors. This helps you to share your experiences of life and enlighten others. Join groups such as YMCA and YWCA. Socialize and share the good things of your life. This will make you optimistic.

Other options that you can think of are: Get a pet, plan a daily exercise program, join a gym, spend time with grand children and keep a diary.

Hope this article elevates your spirit and inspires you to practice.

Have a Happy Retired Life!

Elderly People Happy

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  1. i am saving money for my retirement because i want to enjoy most of my time as an old man.~,.

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