How does Depression Affect a Marriage


is deleterious to marriage. It eventually leads to divorce as it is an isolating illness. The depressed spouse withdraws completely from interaction and may avoid both conversation and physical intimacy. A feeling of guilt fills the heart and the other person may feel that he/she is responsible for her mental state and sink into depression as well

Here are few affects of depression on a marriage:

Depression affects Children:

Children are the most sufferers as the parents remain unavailable for them. Depressed home is not a healthy place for children to rest in a spirit. They absorb themselves with the negativities of parents and suffer internally as they cannot articulate their feelings. Children of depressed parents are under nourished and are prone to diseases.

Depression affects Family Finance:

Depression can lead to financial crisis as it affects the working ability of the bread winner of the family. The medical expenses of the disease makes the things worse. The monthly budget of the family is in chaos and things become complicated.

Depression affects Daily Life:

Daily married life is stagnated by depression. Marriage stops and can’t move forward. All the plans for the future are gone and there is no direction for living. Everyone in the family becomes worn out and life looses all the charm.

Depression affects Career:

Depression creates so many issues in the workplace causing the career downfall. It may cause one to resign from a respectable position. All this can affect finance in more pitiable way.

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