Can Meditation Treat Depression

Depression patients experience no control over their thoughts. These thoughts are mostly negative and increase the anxiety levels. Slowly, the depression patients become awareness of the fact that they are prone to stress arising out of these uncontrolled negative thoughts. This makes the depression in them to even get worse. Meditation known to be a tried and tested technique to bring the human mind under control. This article tries to understand how meditation can be beneficial for treating depression.

Knowledge Gained from Research on this Topic:

  • A research study reports that Transcendental Meditation can effectively reduce depression.
  • This report is published in the latest issue (December 2009) of the American Journal of Hypertension.
  • The study included 298 college going students as the participants from different American Universities.
  • 159 students of the total participants were prone to high blood pressure too.
  • The study was carried out for a duration of 3 months.
  • At the end of the study, it was learnt that there is a considerable amount of decrease in the blood pressure and depression levels in the participants.
  • It is estimated that the fall in blood pressure level reduced the risks associated with it in later years to less than 52 percent.

What is Transcendental Meditation:

  • It is one of the forms of meditation introduced by Saint Mahesh Yogi in the year 1955 in India.
  • It is one of the most widely researched meditation technique in the world.
  • It should be practised for 15-20 mins twice per day.
  • It involves concentrating the mind on a specific sound or mantra.
  • Unlike other forms of meditation techniques, the mantra in transcendental meditation is not chanted verbally or mentally.
  • It is used only as a means to focus the attention on a single entity.
  • The selection of the sound is an important criteria and so it is done by a master of this type of meditation only.

Meditation can treat depression provided the severity of the illness is either mild or of moderate nature. Even in the moderate cases, meditation cannot replace the role of antidepressants. Under medical supervision, the practice of meditation can create a state which will be helpful to the other potent means of treatment for depression.

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