Can Brain Chemical Imbalance Cause Depression

Brain is made up of and functions with the help of its cells called Neurons. They send and receive signals. This is how they communicate and carry out the various tasks of the brain. Signals in neurons are generated by chemical substances in the brain. They are passed from one cell to another with the help of neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters can be treated as cables through which the signals from one neuron reaches another neuron. This article tries to understand how imbalances due to chemicals in brain can cause depression.

Role of Hormonal Imbalance in Depression:

Their are several chemical substances called hormones in our brain. The hormones are responsible for generating the signals with which the brain cells work. Depression basically involves change in our moods and emotions. A chemical substance called dopamine is responsible for triggering the signals which make us happy. So can less production of dopamine be the cause of depression ?

Another chemical substance called serotonin also carries signals between the neurons. Whenever their is an imbalance in this chemical’s level, changes in mood, food habit and sleeping order are observed. Scientists are still trying to understand the role of these hormones in depression. Understanding the process by which neurons communicate with each other is also important. It will help the scientists in inventing proper medicines to treat depression.

Role of Antidepressants:

There are medicines called antidepressants given to the depression patients. These medicines mostly deactivate the region of the brain responsible for generating emotions. This makes the patient loose consciousness of the fear, anxiety and stress of depression. This phase of relief is temporary. Moreover, they are effective in deactivating the regions of brain in varying degrees. Why these medicines are effective in some people’s case and not so effective for rest is yet to be understood. The anti depressants are not capable of addressing the root cause of the problem, however.

The chemicals in brain and in medicines effect each other deeply. Scientists all over the world are putting their best efforts in understanding the relation between them completely. Until then, it is awareness about these chemicals which can protect us from making and believing in baseless speculations.

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