Living with Depression

According to a World Health Organization report, Depression (especially the Unipolar Depression), is the leading disability cause in the United States. The reasons cited mostly are stress and drug abuse. Though depression can affect people irrespective of their age, location or status, the average age of depression in today’s society is as low as 14.5 years. Women between the age group of 25-44 years, are prone to depression twice. Mismanagement in dealing and handling anger is the major cause of depression in Women. This article tries to understand how life is under Depression.

Statistics associated with Depression:

S.No. Percentage United States Population Reason
1. 9.5 18.8 Million Depression Sufferers
2. 12.0 12.4 Million Women Sufferers
3. 6.6 6.4 Million Men Sufferers

Life under Depression:

For Women:

  • Women are mostly ruled by their feelings.
  • When their feelings get hurt, they seek sources to share the grief.
  • Talking for women is an important action in their daily life.
  • It provides an outlet for her bottled up emotions to get free.
  • When no such options are available in her life, the stored up negative emotions start affecting the mental status of the women.
  • When the situation worsen, it leads to depression.

For Men:

  • Men are logical primarily in dealings with the affairs of the daily life.
  • Success in work, relationships and status in the society are vital for a healthy mental status in men.
  • When there are stress and failure in handling these factors well, a man becomes tense.
  • As the situation worsens, depression onsets.

Living with Depression is similar to falling in to a quicksand. Once a person falls in it, he finds himself increasingly trapped in it. It starts with a sense of confusion. Then a series of failures in daily life activities, start a phase of hopelessness. People do not appreciate the company of the depressed individual. The person finds himself lonely and starts preferring loneliness soon. The negative thoughts now attack the self confidence of the individual. It is at this stage that the person is under the total grip of depression.

However, the person feels scared to even recognize the idea that he is mentally ill. It is this attitude which delays the realization that he is depressed and needs medical attention.

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