Symptoms of Depression

The low mood feeling everyday can lead as a thread to get into depression. Even disappointment, a frustration, lonliness, losing some one important can be reasons for depression. There is usually more than one reason to get into depression. Depression sometimes leads us to harm ourselves which will be regretted life long.

They are certain circumstances where you feel alone, have no friends around, stressed ,or some other worries it may lead you to a depression. It is quite normal to feel depressed over an deplorable events such as a divorce, losing a job, getting betrayed or deceived but how would you come to know if you have got into depression? Here are the symptoms which appear during depression and the moment it is identified it needs care, attention and eventualy treatment.

Symptoms of depression include the following. However not all symptoms are present in an depressed person it could be a combination of few symptoms together.

  • Being restless and vexed.
  • Feel terribly tired.
  • Lose the self confidence in you.
  • Think of suicide.
  • Be sad most of the time.
  • Change in sleeping habits(sleep late than usual and get up early)
  • You get the feeling of being hopeless and uesless.
  • You get irritated quite often.
  • Avoid meeting other people.
  • Lose interest in sex.
  • Lose/gain weight making a drastic change in your appetite.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Hard to concentrate.
  • lose interest in life making it dull.
  • extermely tough to make decisions.
  • Change in day to day activities.

If any of the above symptoms of depression are observed you may be in depression so get treated before you land up in trouble.

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